Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our New Home!

I know we've been here almost 3 weeks now and no pictures posted but I was waiting for our couch to get here and finally it got here! So enjoy...

My plants...these guys are putting on a brave fight as there is only one window that gets the adequate sun that they require. But so far, no casualties.

Rooting my african violets.

Ok, I totally ripped this idea off from my friend Anna. She made an entire wreath of these little paper flowers, I could not devote that much time into it, so I did my own version with varying size and color flowers on the wreath I made last year after the in-laws cut back their grape vines and apple trees (and yes, I did make it, I sat in the yard twisting branches and twigs until I got the wreath I wanted).

This is a little bit of randomness...Someone gave me a shadow box and Andrew gave me 10 little skunk beads (I collect skunks)...I made them a home...it's actually pretty funny.

Skunks jumping rope.

When a care bear loves a skunk colored rubber duck...and the Cat in the House fish in the background.

Now, we are getting into the kitchen...displays on top of the cabinets...Nothing says HOME like a Klingon.

"Faith, the final frontier"

Our own M&M holder! This is actually an old-fashioned chicken feeder, but it worked fabulously for M&Ms....the bird in front are actually a salt and pepper shaker I got at Kroger for $2.00 or so. I had a Christmas Ornament from our BWC Synergy Grow Group Christmas Ornament exchange in 2009 that was a nest with 3 golden eggs...the eggs fell out, so I re-purposed the nest for my salt and pepper shaker!

 Craft Area (because you know I have to have my space!)...space is quite limited in our little place, but we've managed to find tidy ways of organizing the place...this is where all my crafts stuff is...and my inspiration- a Teddy Bear from Kaley & a picture of all my cousins...

 Living Room (with Andrew watching Cleveland Indians on his computer)...

Our bedroom...I told you the space was small...there's about an 8 inch area to walk through to get to my side of the bed...

Our dining area, which also doubles as our game playing area...we've mastered Sequence, 12 patch and Dominoes so far...that's what happens when you don't have a TV, you have to be old-fashioned and play board games.

 The tower of Puzles...

The big empty spot where our TV should (and will hopefully soon) be.

So far the space is absolutely perfect for Andrew and I & we really love it. We are getting used to walking out our door and being the church hallway but overall, we are so appreciative to be living here and very grateful that God gave us this opportunity to minister here and live here as well....As the adventure continues, I'll post more pictures!!!!!

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