Monday, June 13, 2011

What we have been up to...

Well...not much and alot all at the same time. Andrew and I have both developed our daily routine here in Williamsburg....I'm still getting the hang of being a stay at home wife, while doing my best to not become a stay at home lazy pants. In the ten years of being in the work force and being as stressed out as I always was, it is such a nice change to have a slower pace. I think about getting a part time job, something to give me some craft-spending money, but I need a job that will be flexible and not interfere with youth/church activities...that limits things ALOT. It's in God's hands as to what will happen with step-dad is convinced I need to open a crafts store. I laugh at that every time, but it does make me think of redoing my store and trying that again. Andrew stays busy with church and youth stuff....he seems to be fitting right in and doing a great job. He recently preached for the first time can watch his sermon here:

Andrew's first Sermon at CCC

I hope to upload some pictures soon of my latest craft project, our youth craft projects, and my awesome plants.