Thursday, May 26, 2011

Couponing: An Amateur's Perspective on their Biggest/Greatest/Most Awesomest Purchase Ever

I am just starting to get into the world of couponing...I watch the TV shows and read the blogs on how to coupon effectively and maximize your purchasing power. I have used a couple coupons here and there, nothing spectacular. Last week I bought 4 Philadelphia Cooking Cremes (normally about $3.69 each) for $.68 for all of them together. I felt pretty confident after that....but today, today I feel like a champion. I went into Food Lion looking for Lemongrass and brought my coupon holder with me...just in case, you know? Well I noticed that alot of my coupon items were on sale, so I went aisle to aisle and carefully chose my selection. Here is what I purchased and their normal price:
Wishbone Dressing - $1.67
2 -Pasta - $1.29 each
2 -Ragu Garden Supreme - $3.19 each
Franks Red Hot - $2.99
2 -Sweet Baby Rays - $2.39 each
2 -Ranch Style Almonds - $2.99 each
Canadian Bacon - $3.00
Fresh Express Spinach - $2.39
2 -Shedds Spread - $2.99 each
4 -Breyers Ice Cream - $6.49 each
2- Ziploc Bags - $3.19 each
2- Suave Body Wash- $2.59 each
2- Degree Deodorant- $4.39 each
TOTAL SHOULD HAVE BEEN PRICE -  $75.67 and then tax $80.63
PRICE I PAID - $22.98 - I saved $57.65!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I am blown away by this...Totally made my Thursday totally awesome!

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