Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We are Still Here! I Promise!

About a month ago I kissed Facebook goodbye. Good riddance. It was (not) nice knowing you.

I just came to the conclusion that Facebook was a platform for "permissive gossip". You publish your life for everyone to see, then you have given us all permission to tell everyone else what we read and discuss. Not only that, but I found myself so daily enthralled with everyone else's life, that it began consuming my own. So without thinking, I unfriended 800 people (including my own mom and dad) and left myself with only 3 friends - my husband, my bass player, and my best friend in Ohio. The only 3 people I actually talked to consistently and often.

It has been freeing.

I've discovered that I'm comparing my own circumstances less with other people and becoming more content with where life is right now. I'm not living in self pity nearly as much or getting upset because of reading about what other people are doing. I love it.

So I figured without my timeline on facebook, alot of people won't really know what we are up to. Therefore, I've decided to started blogging again. Andrew and I have so many things going on at the homestead right now, that sharing it with those we care about it only seems fair.

So what HAS been going on?

Well, mostly snow. And rain. Our yard has been somewhat of a constant mud puddle. I've gotten rather used to parking near the road and trudging through the muddy earth. We are now the proud parents of 14 chickens and if you think that chickens don't have personalities, you are definitely wrong. Maybe it's my approach as a chicken-parent. I treat them like pets and not like little egg-making factories. I sing to them, talk baby-talk to them and give them treats whenever I can. They follow me around the yard with their sweet little eyes watching me nonstop, waiting for me to give them something. We've named a few of them, the bad part is, we have 10 that look exactly the same, so they go nameless.

Soon we will be venturing into the world of rabbitry. I need another hobby and a few more pets...might as well start a little business where I can snuggle bunnies all day and make a few dollars selling their babies and their wool. I'm pretty excited about this venture. It promotes self-sustainability food wise and also gives me something I can focus on.

Other than that, church is busy as always. Between events and our youth group and children's ministry, Andrew and I stay fairly busy. It seems this year is slipping by so fast.

Hopefully from here I will be a more dedicated blogger.